The Essential Women Workout Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe

Tired of wearing cotton t-shirts that stick as soon as you begin to sweat? This is why we at Bar Vs Beast provide premium women workout clothes: so that you can get your workout in while staying fresh, fabulous and most importantly, comfortable.

Whether you are adding to your existing wardrobe or ramping up to fulfill some upcoming New Year resolutions, there is no question that investing in workout gear can be expensive. That is why we have broken it down and created a list of the essentials you need to stay cool and in shape when at the gym.

A Sports Bra with Great Support

Your foundation gear is just as important as the women workout clothes which you wear on top of it. For women, the most important consideration is a sports bra which will be able to keep up with your own workout routine.

Women who are into CrossFit will be engaged in a variety of activities, which is why we highly recommend choosing a high impact bra. These bras will be able to give you the support you need while keeping everything in place and out of the way. Choose bras which are made of wicking material to keep you dry and which provide ventilation to keep you cool.

Socks Which Can Keep Up With You

Though seldom considered, after spending years doing CrossFit, we have learned our lesson: the socks you wear on your feet can make a huge difference in your workout and even your recovery. Rather than choose an inexpensive pair which will only last a couple of workouts, invest in a pair of low-cut socks which offer additional cushioning. This will help prevent blisters and will reduce your chances of slipping while working out.

Capris Which Show Your Personality

Standard black capris are a must-have for every woman, but we at Bar Vs Beast personally love crazy capris which boast fun and funky patterns. Many of our capris are unisex, though some may appeal to one gender more than others do (such as our top selling Wonder Women capris and yellow Catwoman tights). Our capris are not only flattering, but they are lightweight and are moisture-wicking.

Basic Layering Tanks

Comfortable tanks which create a nice layer over your sports bra are what we have in mind when we select which tanks and tees we are going to offer to our customers. Our tanks have just the right level of stretch so that you can showcase all the right curves, and they are cut specifically to prevent you from feeling constricted during any one of your workouts. Check out the cool patterns and designs which we have in store for you here at Bar Vs Beast!