Your CrossFit Apparel: Getting the Right Clothes

Dress the part. You often hear people say that. And it’s true, whether you’re in the boardroom or gym. Here are a few reasons from Real Men Style why your old gym clothes won’t cut it:

The Right Clothes Improve Your Confidence
The right clothes help make you look the part. And looking the part already does wonders for your confidence. Think of it as having a complete set of tools. When you’ve got the proper tools, you know you can do it. You’re absolutely confident you’ll be able to pull your routine off without a hitch. With the right CrossFit apparel, you know you’re prepared.

It Also Boosts Your Performance
When you know you look good, that has a positive effect on your performance too. It makes you go through your routine with more energy, better enthusiasm, and greater determination. When you feel good about yourself, you’re motivated, you want to do more, want to give it your best shot.

It Allows Greater Movement
Clothes specifically designed for CrossFit exercises can better withstand the brunt and pressure of those activities so you won’t have to come home and discover a new rip in your clothes or hole in your favorite exercise shirt. With men’s CrossFit shirts, you can head to the gym and go toe-to-toe with punishing routines and exercise sets without giving any thought to your clothes. The best kind of CrossFit shirts, after all, make you forget them as soon as you start your exercise, helping you focus all your energies on the tasks at hand. You won’t have to feel like your shirt is too tight at the shoulder or seams that it gets in the way of your movement. The right clothes won’t restrict your movement in any way, allowing you to make the most of your exercise routines.

It Prevents Injuries
Since the clothes are a great fit, they don’t restrict your movement. Doing exercises when you’re stuck in uncomfortable gym clothes can limit the blood flow in parts of your body. This can be dangerous, especially if it happens regularly. The point of exercise, after all, is to increase and improve blood flow in your body. By wearing constrictive clothing, you reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. Since CrossFit can involve a lot of movement and even jumping around, wearing constrictive clothing can also hinder your enjoyment of the exercise.

So before you head to your next CrossFit session at the gym, make sure to get yourself the right exercise clothes beforehand. Contact us at Bar vs Beast for more details.